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Responsibilities of the
Charter Organization Representative

 * Become trained. Take basic COR training.

 * Be committed. Understand and believe in the Scouting program. Share your experiences, fulfill the responsibilities of the position, and have the perseverance to see the job through.

 * Participate. Be actively involved in the units of your chartered organization.

 * Act as liaison between the units and the organization. Serving as the unit representative to the youth council, education board, or other committee of the chartered organization will enable you to keep the officers of the organization aware of its units’ programs and to see that its policies are carried out by each unit.

 * Represent the Chartered Partner Organization on the local Scout Council and District Committee. As a voting member, your voice is important. Serving on one of the district operating committees in an area related to your own personal talents and interests will be a rewarding experience and will allow you to keep your organization informed of council and district scout services and activities.

 * Promote well-planned programs. Youth stay in Scouting because of the program. Use the Scout resources.

 * Promote recruiting. A regular recruiting plan which includes contacting parents for additional leadership will keep the unit growing as older youths outgrow the program.

 * Suggest Good Turns. Scouting units can offer service to their chartered organization through Good Turns.

 * Maintain dialogue with the organization’s leaders. Be sure that the head of your organization and all of its leaders understand the unit program and are aware of its accomplishments.

 * Coordinate programs. Coordinate the Scouting program with other programs in the chartered organization.

 * Encourage outdoor programs. Three fourths of “Scouting” is “outing”. Youth members enjoy a vigorous outdoor program.

 * Remember that a Scout is Reverent. Become familiar with the religious aspects of the Scouting program. Whether or not your chartered organization is a religious body, pay careful attention to the religious emblems program of the various faiths. Advocate the observance of Scout Sabbath & Scout Sunday each February.

 * Encourage recognition of leaders.  Scout leaders devote an enormous amount of time, effort, energy and money in their service to youth. It’s vital that the chartered organization stay aware of this and provide suitable recognition. Sometimes a sincere “thank you” is all that’s needed; a plaque, certificate, or other item is a tangible and much appreciated form of recognition.

 * Cultivate resources. Explore ways to meet the needs of the units through the resources of chartered organization membership.

 YOU. You can make the difference in the lives of youth by being an effective chartered organization representative.

 For additional reading, the “Chartered Organization Representative Booklet” (#33117) is available from your Scout Service Center.

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