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Lake Minnetonka District

Winter Camporee

January 19-21, 2001

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One of the faster looking klondikes
Winter Golfing in Minnesota
That ball went a country mile!  Look at the follow through!  Look out Tiger!
Chanhassen Fire Department Ice Rescue Demonstration
First, a hole was cut into the ice using an auger
The ice was cut out into a block with a chain saw
The Ice was about 3.5' thick

A lifeline was attached to the "victim"
Time for a cold dip in the lake.  
What would you do if you went through the ice??
Here comes the Fire Department pushing a rescue boat (or sled) out to the break.  A life line is attached to reel the boat and rescuer back to shore
The victim is now in the grasp of the rescuer, who is safely in the boat and ready to be pulled to safety
The scouts volunteer to reel in the rescue team
Here comes the boat
The Victim is now out of the water
The rescuer continues to hold on all the way into safety
A successful rescue!


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