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  "Designed as an informative site for Scouters.    The information / content is from the volunteer perspective and not the Council.   While originally designed for and used by the Former Viking Council, this is no longer a Council site."  

About this Site

This site started in 1996 as the Viking Council Web Site.  It is no longer actively maintained but still has some interesting information.  In its early days, the site was featured during the National BSA annual conference as an example of what was possible for councils to share on the internet.  It had the first (public) unit locator system in the country.

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New NorthernStar Council Web Site Many Point Patch Museum
From the Archives of 10 Years Ago:
  Old Camporall Photos!  - 2002   Webelos Experience Photos! - 2002
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  History - Former Viking Council   


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  Maps to Northern Star West Places   Adult Leader Awards & Recognitions





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