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MCS 301 - NO-LAPSE/NO-DROP COMMITMENT. The group will explore why units lapse or drop and how to prevent it, how to develop a no-lapse/no-drop plan for a district, and why this is so important.

MCS 303 - COMMISSIONER LIFESAVING SKILLS. This session sets the stage for saving a unit and reviews the basic unit lifesaving steps.

MCS 306 - COUNSELING SKILLS. This session presents counseling as an effective method for commissioners to help units succeed. It covers many elements of good counseling.

MCS 307 - TRANSITION FOM WEBELOS TO BOY SCOUT Covers important ways commissioners can help boys make the transition from a pack to a troop.

MCS 401 - JUST FOR ADCS. This session emphasizes the importance of the assistant district commissioner, his or her responsibilities, the effective ADC's people skills, and the evaluation of his or her work.

MCS 402 - RECRUITING NEW COMMISSIONERS  This bread-and-butter session for all administrative commissioners covers all the steps of recruiting commissioners, group recruiting techniques, and sources of prospects.

MCS  408 - SELECTING AND DEVELOPING A GROWTH PROJECT.   This session covers the project outline and a variety of suggestions for writing and revising the report.

MCS  417- VENTURING BEYOND THE BASICS  Why do some crews seem to struggle?  What seems to make the difference?  Are girls in a grew a god idea?  Does your crew know how to make decisions?  A look at these and other questions that Crew Advisors are struggling with.

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