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Lake Minnetonka District

Fall Camporee

October 4 - 6, 2002

  Fall Camporee Page 
  Photo Page One 
  Photo Page Two 
  Photo Page Three 

Click on any Picture
for a closer look!

Photos courtesy of Stuart MacKernan
and Jeff Walton


The Rope Bridge - Troop 206


Orienteering Event

Learning Knots

It's all about the Trail to the Eagle

What to expect from the Eagle Board of Review

Working on Scoutcraft Skills

The VFW - Flag Retirement Ceremony

A select group of Honor members of the VFW prepares to demonstrate how to properly retire a flag

Lake Minnetonka District Scouts

Scouts, Attention!

Preparing for the Honor Guard

The Presentation of the Honor Guard

Official presentation of the Flag Credentials

Preparing to burn the flag in a formal retirement ceremony

Completely destroy the flag until only ashes remain

  Fall Camporee Page 
  Photo Page One 
  Photo Page Two 
  Photo Page Three 

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