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How Much Time Will This All Take?

Cub Scout Time Commitment

Time with one’s son is the most important time we have. Cub Scouting is family centered and works well because parents get involved.

Tiger Cubs: 
1st grade boys will need a parent on all activities. Tiger Cubs meet weekly for group activities. These meetings involve both the Tiger Cub and his adult partner. Each Tiger Cub and partner will run one of the meetings following a shared leadership concept. This process will be facilitated with the help of a Tiger Cub Den Leader.

Wolves, Bears & Webelos: 
2nd - 5th grades, attend weekly meetings that are conducted by a Den Leader. Parents are not expected to attend the Den meeting unless they have volunteered to be a leader.

Parents do attend all Pack meetings, that take place once a month, and camping outings with their son.

Outside of the Den and Pack meetings, time is used to help you son advance through the rank on which he is currently working.

Additional time can be used by the Pack if you choose to volunteer as a Den Leader, Cubmaster, member of the Pack Committee or as an assistant to one of the current leaders.

The pack has short-term projects for which they need volunteers. A few are: Pinewood Derby Chair, Blue & Gold Banquet Chair, Popcorn Chair, Fundraising Chair, Friends of Scouting Chair, and Day Camp Chair. These are just a few of the important jobs that make the pack you are looking for so successful.

A position as an adult volunteer can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. If provides you that outside opportunity to see your son change before your eyes.

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