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Time Commitment

Most Boy Scouts will participate in a weekly troop meeting, a monthly day trip and a weeklong camping trip during the summer. Some preparation time is also required.

  • Weekly meetings - normally last 2 hours to provide time for skill learning and future planning

  • Monthly outings - normally a weekend camping excursion or field trip. Puts skills learned during the month to practical application.

  • Volunteer leadership position - The Boy Scout troop, although boy run, is overseen by a group of Scoutmasters and a Troop Committee. The volunteers work with time and talent to support the efforts of the young men who have been elected to run and guide their troop. Adults are mentors who provide encouragement and counsel.

  • Troop Committee - Meetings once a month. The members of the committee perform their tasks as needed throughout the month. Positions include: Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Activity Chair, Transportation Chair, Equipment Chair, Advancement Chair, etc.

  • Scoutmaster & Assistant Scoutmaster - They work closely with the boys on a weekly basis.

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