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Questions Most Asked by Parents

What can you tell me about Boy Scouts?

The Boy Scouts of America is one of the largest youth service organizations. The program is family based with a focus on teamwork, self-confidence and achievements.

What type of program and activities do
      the young people participate in?

The program is a series of enjoyable activities based upon abilities related to age and group consensus, such as meetings, day trips, craft projects, outdoor skills, weekend and summer camping.

How old are the children?

Tiger Cubs are first graders, Cub Scouts are second through fifth graders, and Boy Scouts are ages 11-17. Explorers and Venturers are coed teenagers ages 14-20.

How often and where do the groups meet?

A Pack, Troop, Post or Team will usually meet once a week on a regular basis for about an hour and a half in a church, school or community center. Explorer Posts may be career interest and may meet in a related facility, i.e., accounting office, medical center, police precinct or firehouse.

Who are the leaders?

The leaders are regular people selected by the chartered organization who volunteer their time for the benefit of young people. Often they are the parents of Scouts who are in the unit or local leaders in the community.

As a parent, what do I do?

Scouting is a partnership with the parents for the young person. Scouting is an excellent opportunity for you to spend very high quality time with your son. Since the leaders are not paid, they would most certainly appreciate any help that you could provide.

What about Uniforms?

In the beginning uniforms are not required, however they are, in fact, highly recommended. We suggest that everyone start with at least the shirt which costs around $20. Many units also have second hand uniforms that may be available.

What about camping?

Both Cub Scouts (ages 7-10) and Boy Scouts (ages 11-17) have the opportunity to go both weekend and summer camping (financial assistance is available). The council operates three camps. Many Point Scout Camp is located near Park Rapids, MN; Rum River Scout Camp is just north of Anoka, MN and Camp Stearns is located near Annandale, MN. Explorer and Venturer activities vary according to the focus of each individual post or team.

So how much will all this cost?

Because the leaders arenít being paid, Scouting, as a whole, is a very inexpensive, year-round, worthwhile activity.

What kind of badges and awards exist?

Your son can earn a wide variety of achievements and awards by having fun and learning something in areas such as citizenship, personal fitness, family living, the outdoors, nature, crafts and more.

Who do I contact for more information about
    the Boy Scouts of America and their programs?

You can call the Viking Council at (763)545-4550 to find out where a Pack, Troop, Post or Team meets in your neighborhood.  Use the Unit Locator on this site to help get you started.

What about the Girl Scouts?

The Girl Scouts are not part of the Boy Scouts of America. They can be contacted at their office (763)535-4602 or they have a local web site at:

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